Will miss you MJ…


No more King of Pop. Just heared the news this morning while driving to work. Never thought all MJ’s songs they played where tribute to him. When they said he passed on in the age of 50 then I knew. He’s dead.

I grew up mostly with his songs. Even though I’m not a die hard fan or what so ever, his songs are the greatest for me. From ‘Off The Wall’ to ‘Invincible’, his albums had received multiple awards and recognitions. But, ‘Thriller’ is the best among all.

To MJ, rest in peace. Here’s for you.


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  1. aku tak teringat lagu dia. x minat pun dia. cuma terfikir, dia da convert to Islam kan? jadi curious nak tengok, dikebumikan sebagai muslim or diagung-agungkan cara kristian. tu je. huhu~

  2. imm: dia betul2 dah convert to muslim ke? ke tu semua rumours je? entah la. aku pun tak tahu.

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