Monthly Archives: Januari 2011

Stepping out


Due to lack of free time and other technical problems, I’m officially stepping out from ’30 Day Photo Challenge’ organize by Colours Of My Life. I just realize that I’m way to busy to commit with the challenge.

To other contestants, good luck! I still gonna follow your photos everyday.


30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 6



These are my students during Hari Raya Celebration at our college last year.
One is trying to be Jet Li and the other one is Jackie Chan (you can choose which one is which).
You can see the ‘seriousness’ on their face.
Very Jet Li and Jackie Chan la…

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 1


I’m married and a mother.
My star sign is Gemini.
I started working at the age of 26 when my friends are already own their salary for 3-4 years.
My husband is my puppy-love when I’m in form 2.
This coming June, I will hit the big three-0. Yes, I’m ancient.
I looooove chocolate and everything with it.
I loooooooooove RED. But I don’t fancy The Reds or Red Devils.
I heart my job and my students even though sometimes they make my life turns upside-down.
I don’t know how to ride a motorbike.
I’m not into hot and spicy food. I’m a mild person.
I love food but I’m not a good cook (pity my husband).
I always think that I’m a little bit fat.
I hate people who don’t know how to use their turn signal.
I used to bite my finger nails when I’m in primary school.
I’m loud. I mean, really loud…