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All Hail Queen Adele!


Adele is the new queen of Grammys after sweeping SIX trophies in all six categories she’s being nominated including Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year. The music industry’s biggest night were held last Sunday night (US time) in Staples Centre, LA.

Even the night was shadowed with the death of Whitney Houston the night before the big event, the show must go on. It actually was a night of triumph and sadness. Performers and presenters gave tributes to Houston between celebrations of this year’s winners.

Anyway, as some people keep on saying, whoever broke Adele’s heart made her rich as hell. You go girl!

The rest of this year’s winners list, you can check it here.

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Will miss you MJ…


No more King of Pop. Just heared the news this morning while driving to work. Never thought all MJ’s songs they played where tribute to him. When they said he passed on in the age of 50 then I knew. He’s dead.

I grew up mostly with his songs. Even though I’m not a die hard fan or what so ever, his songs are the greatest for me. From ‘Off The Wall’ to ‘Invincible’, his albums had received multiple awards and recognitions. But, ‘Thriller’ is the best among all.

To MJ, rest in peace. Here’s for you.



Tiba-tiba hari ni saya rasa macam nak layan lagu dolu-dolu kala. Way back 18 years ago. Saya terus bukak youtube dan mula mencari-cari lagu yang sedang terlintas di kepala. Ya. Ada pun. Ada yang karaoke, ada yang masa live Anugerah Juara Lagu 1991. Dulu saya layan tu tengok AJL. Tapi ni yang versi karaoke. Yang live tak berapa nak sedap sangat la. Nah, moh kita layan sama-sama.

ps: Masa lagu ni tengah top dulu, saya dengan kawan-kawan perempuan sekelas asyik nyanyi lagu ni ramai-ramai. Budak-budak lelaki meyampah je mendengor kami menyanyi. ;P